Carnivore ecology in Southwest China

Photo credit: Wang Lang Nature Reserve


Little information is available about mammalian carnivore populations in China. I am working with collaborators from Peking University and The Nature Conservancy China to establish a research program studying the effects of the changing environment on the ecology and behavior of carnivores in Southwest China. We have begun our investigations in Laohegou Nature Reserve, a new protected area in Sichuan Province.


Hongliang Bu is a recent Ph.D. graduate and current Postdoctoral Scholar at Peking University in Beijing.

Main question

How are carnivores distributed across the landscape in Southwest China?


  • Evaluate noninvasive methods for sampling mesocarnivores (masked palm civets & Siberian weasels). PDF
  • Estimate the occupancy and activity patterns of mesocarnivores
  • Quantify the seasonal diets of carnivores using scat and stable isotope analysis
  • Examine the home ranges, activity patterns, and habitat use of carnivores using radio-telemetry and GPS data